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Welcome to CoC e-learning programs!

Singapore Maritime Academy, an international leader in maritime education and training has developed the first ever Certificate of Competency (CoC) e-learning programs in the world which is maintained by the American Digital University Inc., USA, a leading provider of enterprise solutions for the maritime industry.

The online programs cover all the Certificate of Competency courses for Deck and Marine Engineer Officers. They are developed by a team of experienced Maritime Trainers, Master Mariners, Chief Engineers, Instructional Designers, Graphic Artists and e-learning technologists.

Our CoC e-learning programs have been designed to facilitate learning from home or work at the learner's own pace. The programs make extensive use of animations, concept maps, expert's viewpoints, quizzes and group discussions. Authentic documents and notes are offered as useful downloads for further reading.

Capt. Mohd Salleh B.Ahmad Sarwan